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360 Degree Switch Turbo Water Faucet




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*Convenient Using The sprayer is easy to use and extensive faucet aerator which can be attached to kitchen faucet, use a lot of public water surfaces, easy to install and easy to care for, areas of
hard water can also be used long term, health, and it is easy to clean: water bubbler contains filters, can be used easily.

*Water Saving Two kinds of water saving mode add a control switch to control two spray modes. Water saving mode of the faucet aerator 6.4LPM / 1.7GPM, faucet aerator can save 50% water. If
you need more to fill jars, pots or pans, just switch to economy mode.

*Application: Multi-standard connector you can use a variety of connector specifications. The sprayer can be installed with the appropriate parts.

*Containment The sprayer fully accommodates the needs of the user by offering both long and short specifications. With regard to various fittings, a universal converter with simple installation is
supplied. The built-in leak-proof water cushion and its close combination can really achieve 100% leak protection.

*package Included: 1 X Stainless Steel Water Faucet .

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