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Wax Machine Heater For Women




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How to use your Wax warmer?
1.Clean the skin area that needs hair removal

2.Turn on and turn the dial to 55(℃)-75 (℃) to find a temp that is comfortable for you.

3.Heat up until the wax beans are completely melted.(Wax Not Included)

4.Apply a layer of wax over the skin in the direction of hair growth. Waiting for 5-8 seconds, then peel off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

5.Clean up the residual wax over the skin with cleansing oil or baby oil.

6.Use wax Strips to wipe away any residue in the pot under heating status.

Why we need the Wax Warmer?

Say goodbye to obnoxious body hair forever with the prowax Wax Warmer! This fabulous device brings the experience of a luxurious day at a waxing parlor into the comfort of your own home. You’ll save a fortune on pricy salon visits! With the prowax Wax Warmer, you’ll be able to remove your body hair in no time flat. It doesn’t matter if it’s your legs, armpits, eyebrows, or bikini area— this handy tool will help you tackle it all. Simply place the wax in the pot, let it melt, and apply! Beauty has never been this simple.

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Armpit, Face, Eyebrow, Body

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